Disability & Aging Summit

4th Annual Alaska Disability & Aging Summit

September 26-27

Special Olympics Alaska Athlete Training Center and Campus

(3200 Mountain View Dr.)

2018 Summit Registration Packet

Keynote by Kim Champney, M.S.W

Kim Champney is coordinating an effort posed to revolutionize the way people with disabilities engage with services. She has spent 20 years working for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, focusing the past 18 months on person-directed cultural transformation, so that people can live the life they want with the supports they direct.

Summit Topics:

Person-directed planning tools
Normal vs. abnormal aging
Assistive technologies for independent living
Emergency preparedness
Domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse
Alaska’s shared vision for service delivery
Legislative panel with local reps and senators


Questions? Contact: Cindy Thomas, Center for Community, [email protected], (907) 966-4227

Disability and Aging Summit Resources

2017 Presentations & Links

The Good, The Bad, and The Necessary (Ilona Bessenyey)

Supporting Older Adults with ADRD (Pam Kelley) sponsors

Connecting Culture by Serving Elders (Melissa Heflin)

Special Olympics Alaska Senior Programming (Jim Balamaci)

Medicare 101 (Nile Morgan)

IDD and Successful Life Completion (Holt & Rausch)

               Advanced planning document for individuals with IDD

               Map for discussing end of life options (ANTHC gives permission to use)

Healthy Aging in the North (Dr. Britteny Howell)

Alternatives to Full Guardianship (Anne Applegate)


2016 Presentations

Aging in Adults with IDD

The Connections Between Employment and Health Presentation

Healthcare for Adults with IDD and Dementia

Assessment & Screening Presentation by Nancy Jokinen, MSW, PhD, University of Northern British Columbia

Social Issues & Environment Design Presentation by Nancy Jokinen, MSW, PhD, University of Northern British Columbia

For more information or questions please contact

Nicolle Egan

Special Olympics Alaska

907-222-7625 ext 629

[email protected]