Special Olympics Alaska School Program

The goal and vision of the School Program is to give 53 school districts access to the program. All districts in Alaska will be introduced to opportunities for their schools through collaborating with Special Olympics Alaska. Through several programs available to students and teachers within the general education and special education setting, the program is designed to allow districts to be involved at the level they determine best for them.

Special Olympics Alaska School Program Video

Partners Club®: The Partners Club® is a unique Special Olympics Alaska sponsored, school-based program. It teams students with and without intellectual disabilities through sports training and competition. This club also offers social and recreational opportunities.

Unified Sports®: Unified Sports® combine approximately equal numbers of Special Olympics athletes and athletes without intellectual disabilities (partners) on sports teams for training and competition.

Young Athletes Program®: The Young Athletes Program® is a developmentally appropriate play program for children with intellectual disabilities ages two through seven. It focuses on skills such as walking, running, balancing, jumping, trapping, catching, throwing, striking, kicking, and advanced and foundational skills.

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July 14-25, 214